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I have tons of friends and customers who love the traditional vinyl wraps and they usually have a couple things in common: the time/patience to learn application with our heater and relatively “easy” nails that are smooth and flat.

If that isn’t you and you’ve been missing out on my pretty DIY manicures, then you’re in luck. Meet the lacquer strip:
  • Works on pretty much ALL nail types with zero skill or heat required. You literally peel them off the backing and stick them on. File excess length and go. 
  • Made of actual nail polish that’s “10 free” of common chemicals found in other beauty brands. This also reduces the smell greatly.
  • Super fast. They go on in less than 15 minutes. 
  • No dry time needed means no smudges either.
  • Affordable. Manicures are about $5 each and last about a week to ten days. 
If you’re like me and enjoy having your nails done, but can’t keep up with mani/pedi appointments or are sick of nail polish chipping, then you should definitely consider trying lacquer strips instead.


One Week Later

Lacquer strips hold up well to my "mom life" with lots of laundry, dishes, baths, diaper changes, hand sanitizer, prying apart LEGOs, you name it. The tips also hold up well to lots of typing, where traditional lacquer often chips off on me.
Day One

Two Weeks

Easy removal without damage

Application & Removal Process

Effortless, affordable style has never been easier.

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