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NEW, Gel Manicure Option!

I have tons of friends and customers who love the traditional vinyl wraps and they usually have a couple things in common: the time/patience to learn application with our heater and relatively “easy” nails that are smooth and flat. Now with the introduction of our lacquer strips and gel strips, we've made application easier for all nail types.

You're about to experience a whole new way to do gel manicures. Our gel manicure strips are fully cured gel, so they are a one step option without a lamp needed. This means you get the extra durability of a gel with endless design options in a fraction of the time. Unlike lacquer strips, the gel strips will not dry out over time once the package has been opened.

Meet the gel strip:
  • Works on pretty much ALL nail types with zero skill or heat required. You literally peel them off the backing and smooth them on your nails. File excess length and go. 
  • Made of actual gel polish that’s “10 free” of common chemicals found in other beauty brands.
  • No smell.
  • Super fast. You don't need a base coat or top coat so they go on in less than 15 minutes. 
  • No dry time needed means no smudges either.
  • Affordable. A sheet of 20 strips is $13.00 and leftovers can be saved to use again in the future because the sheets don't dry out after opening.
  • Typical wear is up to 14 days.
The gel strip is the perfect "in between" style between our traditional vinyl wraps and our lacquer strips. If you're looking for a fast manicure with added durability over lacquer, this one's for you. Contact me to try this new, innovative option while it's in limited early release.

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